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Hippie Sabotage - Stay High 

Well, it’s finally happening. The cold weather’s coming in, exams are starting up, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like school again. Though while this certainly sucks balls, we at Jazz & Grooves hope you may find solace in listening to music like this. These guys, apparently brothers, call themselves Hippie Sabotage and hail from the golden coast, where the grass is really greener. Check out this oh so sexy video to go along with one of their oh so sexy tunes. Stay high UPenn, stay high. 

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Earl SweatshirtDoris

The future may have more than just oddity in store for LA-based rapper Earl Sweatshirt. He’s poised to drop the rap album of the year, Doris, on 8/20 — and that’s not just empty hype. The album features solid collaborations from both old friends and new ones: Tyler, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Mac Miller, & RZA are all featured.

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Fling on the streets

We took to the streets to find out what people thought of our fling choices Delorean and Autre Ne Veut. We bothered a lot of people, witnessed some sweet dance moves, and captured the whole thing on film.

Much love to everyone who participated!

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Tyler, The Creator - “IFHY”

Check out Tyler’s weirdly awesome new video for “IFHY.” In it, a surreally plastic version of Tyler raps about his struggles with his emotions and his love/hate relationship with a girl. As we have come to expect from Odd Future, the video ends with a non-sequitur touch where Tyler irresponsibly runs himself over in a car. Of course, that makes total sense. 

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Update: Album Leak

Oops, looks like Tyler the Creator’s album, Wolf, just leaked. Tyler tweeted: “The Album Is Sooooooooooooo Shitty Tho. Butt. Weak. No Molly Was Popped.” We believe otherwise however. Check it out: http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-player.php?id=mbd8b0cd&tid=1

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As much ridicule as Snoop got for changing his name to Snoop Lion, his new alter ego is making some pretty groovy music. Check out this dope reggae jam produced by Major Lazer

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jazz & grooves music blog

Hey music people, check out  this awesome indie/hip-hop/edm music blog.

Follow it to get a daily new song, music video, or artist spotlight sent right to your tumblr db.


It’s run completely by college students in Philly.

Spread the word.

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